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Joy, laughter, and anti-racist teaching!

Dylan (he/him/his/they/them/their) is a proud born and raised San Diegan! Dylan attended High Tech High as a student and made the long trip to the east coast to attend Cornell University. While at Cornell, Dylan received his Bachelors of Arts in Human Development with a minor in Education. One key part of Dylan's college experience was his participation in the Vagina Monologues. Doing this show allowed Dylan to explore his love of social justice paired with his love of theatre. 


Dylan is currently finishing his Masters of Education in Teaching and Learning at the High Tech High Graduate School of Education. He is focusing on becoming an anti-racist educator. He is also the High School Special Education History Teacher at Coney Island Prep.

When Dylan is not teaching he is pursuing his dream of being on the USA National Rugby Team. He has learned a lot from that journey and brings all those lessons into his teaching practice. Dylan also enjoys honing his juggling skills as well as writing songs. 

In his classroom, Dylan strives to cultivate joy, fun, and authenticity through a critical lens. He is always learning from his students and continues to push to be the best anti-racist educator he can be.

To learn more about Dylan's teaching philosophy feel free to click on the link below called "Teacher Philosophy"!

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